The Octagon
The eight-sided octagon represents the original
eight pinions of the Kajukenbo system and the
eight directions of attack and defense.

The Red Circle
Represents the chi and the continuous flow from
hard to soft and from soft to hard.

The Gold Boarding the White Clover
Represents Ahgung Tony Ramos.

The White Clover
Represents:  Knowledge, Cleanliness of Body,
Mind, Spirit and Sijo Emperado.

The Chinese Characters
Represents mind, body and spirit.
The Green Wreath Bordering the Yin Yang
Represents a school, organization or student growing and striving for knowledge.  Represents the
many systems that form the martial arts.  The right side represents the tiger and the left the dragon;
where the stem cross, represents the two in unison.

The Ten Leaf Layers of the Wreath
Represents each of the Black Belt Degrees and honors the efforts and accomplishment of each level.

The Five Colors (Red, White, Black, Green, Gold)
Represents the five original founders and the five arts that make up the Kajukenbo system.  It also
represents the five basic systems that make up the Chinese martial arts: Hung, Li, Mo, Choy and Fut.
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