Sifu Michael "Doc" Kessler
(listed In the order received)
Professor Christopher
Rapacon's Black Belts
Robert Tomayo
Bennie F. Rapacon
Louis A. Meyi
Loana Rapacon-Claudio
Christopher M. Rapacon
Angelito C. Claudio
Maripaz Delos Reyes
Dominic Medalle
Menwinn Morales
Roque Ebalo III
Anna Thompson
Michael Kessler
Roque R. Rapacon
Brandon Medalle
Marvin Morales
Rick Vargas
Nam Phan
Jose Barajas
Joy Lopez
Ricky Vargas
Mike Alcantara
Vince Medalle
Keith White
Kevin Cabugao
Chad Mullins
Jess Medalle
Rick Dichoco
Mike Daplas
Angelica Dichoco
Marvin Mangabay
Jason Pingol
with Philippine weapons training under the direction of Senkotiros Arnis
founder Professor Max Pallen - with whom he has achieved his 1st
degree black belt
Sifu Kessler began training
in 1972 in Kenpo karate and
eventually received 3rd
degree black belt. In 1993
began training in Kajukenbo
karate with Professor
Rapacon and promoted to
4th degree black belt in
2006.  Sifu Kessler is
presently supplementing
Rapacon’s Martial Arts
traditional Kajukenbo style