Angelica Dichoco
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that I miss physical training, the experience has taught me to constantly
think of my whole being as one…

                                       Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

As a student black belt, does not only mark a new beginning for me, but
helps me appreciate what I’ve learned in my past and celebrate what my
future has to offer.  I look forward to growing as a black belt with
enthusiasm.  I hope to inspire other women to take some form of self-
defense as well as share my experience and knowledge.  It is important
for me to become a valuable instructor for Rapacon’s Martial Arts and
watch other students grow.

Angelica Dichoco

Favorite Quote:
Success does not come from mere luck.  It is the result of preparation,
hard work and learning from failure.
My interest in martial arts began
in 2002 when it all started for the
mere reason of getting into
shape.  In my first few months of
training, by watching other
students in class, I got a glimpse
of Kajukenbo as an art and how
it was a realistic form of
self-defense.  I also realized how
I as a female, can benefit from
knowing even just a few of the

Learning the art of Kajukenbo
and self-defense has been a part
of my life for the past 5 years and
it is permanent for the rest of my
life.  Although there may be days