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Welcome to RapaconsMartialArts.net!
Latest News
New to the website are a few biographies of our
recent black belt instructors that are located on
the left margin of the
Our Instructors page.  Also,
we are very proud to announce the
recent opening
of our
Rapacon's Martial Arts Combat Fitness
at Lakeridge Gym!
Brief Overview
Rapacon's Martial Arts combines physical, mental
and spiritual techniques to develop self-confidence
in all of our students.
Our Primary Services
What Makes Rapacon's Martial Arts Unique?
Combining the traditional arts of Kajukenbo (Karate, Judo, Ju-jitsu, Kenpo and
Kung-Fu) with evolutionary elements from other highly-effective disciplines -
Rapacon's Martial Arts strives to separate itself as the extreme self-defense.  
Please feel free to click on our patch above for more information!
Our Instructors
Held to the highest standards,
our instructors are all qualified
to teach both the traditional and
modern mixed martial arts.
Our Students
With the integrity of our art in
mind, we ensure our students
develop the physical skills and
mental poise needed to protect
themselves in any situation.
  • Affordable high-quality martial arts instruction for ages four years to adult
  • Private group/individual training sessions
  • Custom self-defense seminars for various organizations